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Aesthetician Services

Most of us go through life uneducated about the health of our skin. Weather it be in your childhood or in your entire adult life, the neglect of healthy skin care can cause immutable damage. My adolescent years we’re plagued with acne. By the time I found a solution, my adult years were already scarred. I have found it much easier to prevent damage than to undo the damage already done.

Through self-experience, examination, and desperation I fell in love with the health of our skin. I then decided to seek a career in skincare. My desire is to educate people of all ages and allow them to develop habits to ensure a lifetime of healthy skin.

Many laser treatments are offered at Arkansas Laser Solutions to better the appearance and health of our skin. They ensure dramatic results in a shorter amount of time; however, progress can quickly be undone with bad habits. I am here to offer the services needed to maintain the progress made and share preventative daily routines for you to take into your home.

Working together we will insure that you receive maximum long term results from your laser procedures. We can work together with Dr. Atwood and K. Vicknair, RN and combine laser treatments with chemical treatments or, if lasers are not for you, then I am here to offer alternative treatments that will still ensure great looking, healthy, and vibrant skin.

Your healthier-acting, younger-looking complexion is just an appointment away. I am your Visual Changes® Skin Care Professional and I am ready to serve you!

Holli Stacy, Aesthetician
Arkansas Laser Solutions Medical Spa

Chemical Peels
Visual Changes® Designer Peels® are condition specific exfoliating and peeling agents that target the precise correction(s) or preventative action(s) your skin needs to maintain a beautiful complexion. Click her for more information on the kinds of Visual Changes® Designer Peels® offered at Arkansas Laser Solutions Medical Spa

Visual Changes®Professional Facial Treatments help eliminate dead skin cell buildup and oil and provide antibacterial and immune-stimulation ingredients to help keep you skin healthy and blemish- free. Click her for more information on the kinds of Visual Changes® Facial Treatments offered at Arkansas Laser Solutions Medical Spa

Facial Waxing
At Arkansas Laser Solutions Medical Spa we want to help you as much as possible to become hair free. However, we admit that there are limits to what a laser can do. If you have darker hair then your skin and the hair is what we call a “terminal hair”, then the laser is the best option for permanent hair removal. However, if the hair is light in color (blonde or white) or “vellus hair” (peach fuzz) then waxing is a great way to maintain that hair. Click her for more information on the our waxing services:

Various Skin Care Services
We offer a variety of services to better improve the condition of your skin. Your lips and eyes can be targeted for rejuvenation and smoothing and we also offer Galvanic Treatments, High Frequency Treatments, and Paraffin wax treatments for your hands and feet. All of which can be added on to any of our other services. If you suffer from Acne and need extractions we can help you take care of the acne with no scaring. Click her for more information on these services:

Designer Depigmenting Treatments®
Visual Changes® line of Depigmenting products are very innovative and extremely effective professional skin lightening treatments. This system has never been offered before in Arkansas and makes immediate skin lightening possible without peeling for all skin types and colors. Click her for more information on these services:

Visual Changes Products
Visual Changes® Home Care Compliance Products have been specially developed to work in conjunction with Visual Changes® Designer Peels™ and Designer Depigmenting Treatments™ to obtain optimum results for a more beautiful complexion. Holli will recommend the exact products you will be using daily to accelerate and maintain the benefits from your Professional Skin Renewal Treatments.