Various Skin Care Services

Various Skin Care Services

At Arkansas Laser Solutions Medical Spa we offer a variety of services that can be added on to your current service or can be purchased individually. Please look through the options. Holli Stacy, our licensed aesthetician, would be happy to discuss any of these options with you.

Galvanic Treatment
Galvanic facials use a direct galvanic electrical current to introduce water-soluble substances through the skin’s surface in an effort to improve ingredient absorption and moisture retention. Galvanic facial treatments are offered to our clients with dry, dehydrated skin, though it also aids in treating those with oily complexion due to its effective removal of congestion.

Our clients can bring new life to their skin with a galvanic facial. This particular type of facials is appropriate for most skin types, whether oily, normal, or dry. It boosts the effectiveness of any skin treatment, and because water-soluble substances are presented to the skin, it increases the skin’s ability to absorb, allowing the active ingredients of the facial as well as skin products to penetrate deeper. If you have a dry complexion, or if your skin is in desperate need of hydration, a galvanic facial treatment is a good choice because it increases moisture retention. Also, if you have problem skin, this treatment is beneficial because it’s targeted at eliminating clogged pores and reducing oils that can lead to acne.
We recommend during the first 2 months that you treat once a week and then treatments can be about once every 3 months to maintain the beauty of your skin. $30 when added to any facial or chemical peel

High Frequency Treatment
High frequency increases blood circulation and the dilation of underlying vessels also helps to eliminate toxins. When applied directly high frequency has a germicidal action, fighting acne-causing bacteria. Treatments only take a few minutes and are usually added into a facial or other skin treatments. High Frequency skin treatments are very gentle, many clients even find it relaxing. Treatments are recommended for anyone who is treating a problem such as acne or oily skin and should receive treatments once a week for 10 sessions. For everyone else, it is recommended to receive this facial treatment once every two weeks for 10 sessions. $30 when added to any facial or chemical peel

Extractions can be preformed alone or ideally as part of a facial where Holli our aesthetician will professionally remove blackheads and whiteheads without scaring. $85.00 Extractions with basic facial $25.00 Just Extractions (steam and a masque will be used)

Back Facial
Back facials can be beneficial in cleansing those tough-to-reach spots, targeting a variety of skin care needs such as clogged pores, back acne, and dehydrated skin. This treatment mimics many of the traditional techniques used while performing treatments for the face, and incorporates deep cleansing, extractions, and purifying masks. Back facials are particularly fitting treatments during bathing suit season or for people who wear low-back attire

Arm and Leg Depigmenting
Chemical peels can be used on the arms and legs safely and will help lighten darker areas. We recommend 6 treatments spaced 2-4 weeks apart and the price varies based on the size of the area to be treated and the time needed for the service. Please schedule a consult with Holli to discuss your options. Basic Price $120 – Energizing Price $220

Paraffin Wax Treatments
Relax and revel in warm physiotherapeutic paraffin infused with nutrients vital for healthy skin. Paraffin delivers heat and hydration for soft, smooth skin and protection from dry, rough, achy or irritated hands and feet.

Hands or Feet Paraffin Treatment ……$16.00

Hands and Feet Paraffin Treatment ……$28.00